Wizard 101 Short Items Guide (To Play Cheaper)

One mistake that many beginners do is to buy crowns and then spend them on gold. That is a really bad move and you will empty your pocket in no time by doing this. Gold can be gained in various ways throughout the game so don’t spend real money when you can get gold for free. You just need a little time to get used to the process. If you plan buying with crowns take a look at this link below for how to get free crowns in wizard101:



wizard101 mounts

Mounts come in great variety. You should pick only the ones you need and be very selective with mounts. Don’t go overboard if you want to spend less money in your journey. As a matter of fact mounts are better handled by advanced players so you should consider to start purchasing pets later on in the game.


wizard101 polar fox

Pets can be either bought or hatched. They are important in the game so you need as many as you can have. One approach is to make friends so they will let you hatch in the hatchery for pets. But if you are more of a loner and you want to pay for the pets, I recommend you start with the Polar Fox and other similar pets within the same category.


wizard101 card packs

In terms of card packs you need to buy them. But you definitely not need buying them all the time. You need to be very picky here and choose the ones that are best for your needs. The ones that I recommend you to buy if you are a beginner are Wyvern’s Hoard PackPhoenix Hoard Pack or Raven’s Hoard Pack.


wizard101 houses

Houses. I strongly recommend to not waste your gold or crowns on buying houses in wizard101. You will get gold later in the game and you should buy then. Under houses category you also have the teleporters. Teleporters are good but it’s better to find card packs that also contain teleporters. So better avoid spending on individual teleporters and spend on card packs instead.

TIP: Anything that you can buy in gold it is a lot better to do so compared to buying them with crowns.


wizard101 gardening melinda wu

Next we have the gardening section. One thing that everyone needs to buy from this gardening category are evil magna peas. Evil Magna Peas will give you mega snacks each harvest which is really good long term deal for the price. One other great buy are the couch potatoes. But you can actually farm for couch potatoes. There are weak enemies which will drop lots of them.


wizard101 gear

When it comes to gear do not waste your time or money here unless you really need specific items. One example of good gear in wizard101 that I always use are the Poseidon’s IceBound Boots. Poseidon’s Houebounds Boots are a great choice for me because they give me +5 resistance and -1 damage. This is not a lot but they can be very helpful at times.


wizard101 accessories

Accessories are really important in wizard101. If you are creating a new wizard you should buy the Heartsteel accessory. This will give a 5+ distance which can make a really good impact on your overall success rate. Everyone should have Heartsteel. I have many of them because I get bored fast of my wizards and I am always creating new ones.


wizard101 wands

For wands I need to recommend this: finish the tartarus and you will receive a wand. I have Staff of The Subjugator which is a great wand. Staff of The Subjugator will give a lot more critical points and a lot more resistance. It is also great for higher levels to have this type of wand.


wizard101 potions

Potions are pretty much self-explanatory so you don’t need to much explanation here. If you need them buy them. If you don’t then you should not waste crowns or gold on potions just because they are cheap.


wizard101 henchman

Henchman is what I use only in really bad situations. Some cheap, but good ones I recommend are the Death Henchman or Storm Henchman. Storm Henchmen can buy you some time while the Death Henchmen is pretty self explanatory. You can play around with these and pick the ones that fit your style of play.

So this is my fast shop item guide for wizard101. Don’t forget about how to get free crowns using our tool which is posted here on this post. How does this guide look to you? Please a comment below with your thoughts on this wizard101 quick guide.

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