Golden Eagles Quick Guide

There are many ways to spend your money in war thunder. Obviously you can only spend them on golden eagles and bundles. But what is best to buy using the golden eagles in war thunder?

Getting Bundles Instead

The best place to buy your golden eagles is from the official online store. For example in the online store you can get bundles such as one tier 1 tank, 3 premium aircraft, 15 days premium and 1500 golden eagles all at a low price. From here you can do many things. You may also gain a new plane for your country while still having a lot of other benefits. Along with the 15 days premium in the bundle you can actually buy 15 days more using the 1500 golden eagles. Or you can even use them to get another premium aircraft.

Even more, you can buy a plane that comes itself with premium time. With premium time, you can get a lot of resources and experiences as these are doubled. And you can also add to this by having premium time and a premium plane and maximize your end resources with style.

Free Golden Eagles

You can get a really nice bundle and twist as you may like based on your preferences and needs. However if using the new war thunder hack you will not be able to buy any bundles. The hack will only deliver free golden eagles straight to your account.

Short on Money

If you are short on money and the war thunder tool gave you the maximum amount of free golden eagles you can get, than you can still maximize your resources intake. Whenever you have a full day off, you can buy the cheapest premium package at around 3 euros or so. You will further be able to purchase 2 x 24 hours of premium which can actually be more than enough. If you will play for long hours in a row you should be able to reach some pretty high goals in just a single day.

For a real extensive guide on how to spend your golden eagles as efficient as possible check out the video below.

This was our short guide on how to spend your golden eagles and your money effectively in war thunder. There are a lot more things to consider and war thunder is also constantly updated which can at some point influence your way of doing things. Another important factor to take into consideration if you want to play war thunder at the most optimal level check out the above tutorial.


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