Best Tycoon Games To Improve Business Skills

Build Your Empire With The Best Tycoon Games

The gaming industry is changing with each passing day. We come across many new games with different requirements and platforms that not only become our hobby but a method of learning some new skills. This is the reason that the game lovers make sure to be the top scorer in every game so that their talent will be praised.

Recently, business simulation games have taken off the laptops and the smart devices of the people. These special games will turn you into the best tycoon. All you have to do is build your business or empire in the game and you will be something that you have always dreamt of.

However, the real problem arises when you have to select the best tycoon simulation games, as there are many in the gaming industry. So here, we have best tycoon games for you to build your desired empire.

1. My Sunny Resort

In case, that having a theme park, business or a restaurant is not one of your dream jobs. Then taking the time out of your busy schedule to build a resort might be the best thing that would happen to you. My Sunny Resort is one of the most loved online tycoon games.

It has some amazing graphics and playing tactics that will make you believe that you are the owner of everything in the resort. Once you start playing the game:

  • You will get the property among one of the famous beaches of the world
  • You will get as much property as you like as well as the complete control over the finances that will help you in building the resort
  • The next best thing in this management game is that you will be the leader of the complete staff and guide them according to their particular jobs
  • The player will be given access to every single room of the resort

With your business skills, you can expand your resort from a single room to the complete control of the island. Make sure that your customers get the rooms that will meet their requirements regardless of them being expensive. This will help you to build your empire and enhance the amount that you have earned.

To make sure that you will be the best tycoon in the least amount of time the game has been developed with high-quality codes to bring less downtime.

2. Anno

anno review logo

Instead of the business empire, if you are looking forward to developing a strong and beautiful colony then Anno is the game for you. It is a series of tycoon simulation games where you will begin by landing on a deserted island. Here you will have to work hard and turn the island into a colony.

However, the real best tycoon test will begin when you have to make sure that you are enhancing the beauty of your colony as well as making a profit. In order to keep players engaged and make sure that they will not get bored with the same gameplay special features of military and combat aspects have been added in game as well.

There is a large franchise of Anno that you could try the one you like:

  • Anno 1602 will allow you to built the colony in Australia and the US.
  • Anno 1503 is the better version of the previous games. Interesting changes have been done in the gameplay as everything gets difficult.
  • Anno 1701 here sabotage and natural disasters are the aspects that have been introduced in this game. You have to build your colony and during that procedure deal with the cruelty of the queen. However, in the end, you get a chance to fight for the independence of your land.
  • Anno 1404 it is also known as the Dawn of Discovery.
  • Anno 2070 it is the latest edition with some ecological and financial challenges of the future.

So here, you will get a chance to learn and fight for what you love.

3. Prison Architect

prison architect review logo

Building an empire, resort or a theme park might be too easy for you. So in order to take the business simulation games to the next level Prison Architect is what you should play. The introversion software has developed the game in such a way that you will be turned into the security head of the prison.

This means that there will be a whole new level of difficulty. If a single prisoner will be able to escape you will be held in charge. With each passing level, the difficulty will enhance. As you are the head of the prison, you have to manage everything inside and outside the cells.

You have to design the prison cells with such perfection that no hope will be left for the prisoners to get away. Do not think that it will turn you into the best tycoon. There are many other issues that you have to deal with. You have to make sure that the whole staff, as well as inmates, are managed and they get the required facilities.

You would have to take care of the finances of the prison as well so that all the requirements will be met perfectly. This business simulation game will provide you with the completely different experience that you would surely love.

4. Europa Universalis

europa universalis review logo

You might be amazed to read this name in the category of the tycoon simulation games as many of you do not consider it as one. However, if you notice the tasks that you have to accomplish in the game you will understand that Europa Universalis will turn you into the best tycoon.

Once you begin playing the game there are many amazing challenges that you have to meet in order to develop your country. You will start with bankrupting the country so that the rate of the inflation is kept under control by the cruel politicians.

The next big achievement that you have to make is to enhance the territory of your country with such perfection that the land is increased and the relations with other empires are not disturbed as well. The players have loved the game so much that several different series has been released.

  • Europa Universalis II will take you in the era of 1419 to 1820
  • Europa Universalis III beginning in 1453 and ending before the French revolution in 1789
  • Europa Universalis: Rome allows you to build the Roman republic
  • Europa Universalis IV will take you in the Napoleonic war

On every level of these business simulation games, you will come across a new challenge. Thus, you have to make sure that you take every step with utmost care. If you have been the best tycoon of the business games, it would be difficult for you to play.

5. Fairy Godmother Tycoon

fairy godmother tycoon review logo

In case that you are looking forward to building an empire but in an environment that would be different from all the others then try Fairy Godmother Tycoon. It is one of the amazing business simulation games that will allow you to build and establish your potion shop.

In this game, you would not have to turn the shop into a mall or some empire but open several franchises in different cities. Thus, you might have got the idea that this game is about making your business an international success.

As a player, you will get the complete control of the shop that you have built. You have to make sure that the day-to-day budget of the shop is properly managed so that you could turn it into profit and invest in your next shop. The players would have to search for new potion as well as make sure that they are priced according to their importance.

Keep in mind that the changing weather will have a great impact on the moods of your customers so make sure that you keep them happy in all possible cases. The best part is that you will get to deal with the bad guys as well as work with the freelance workers. To make the game even more interesting, the special fairy characters will give visits to your shops and everything will be changed.

Final verdict

So turn yourself into the best tycoon in an early age and thus, learn the skills that might help you out in the real life as well. The tycoon simulation games have been developed with such perfection that it would be hard for you to leave your device and go to some other task.

The time has come that you select the game with your dream business and start playing it. Build the best empire that everyone would be envy and brag yourself to your friends that YOU are the best tycoon.


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