Best 6 Items To Buy In ElseWorld [Beginners]

1. Bank Sharing

This is important as it makes easier to send your items from one character to another in short time at no cost. Having a Bank Sharing, you will be able to use most of your items and valuables between all of your characters.

2. B- Slots

Moving deeper to individual charater level, B-SLots are the most important things you need to buy with your free K-Ching. In most situations within the game you either need more slots to make your game easier or you need them to be able to defeat enemies. Regardless of your progress within the game or your skill level, B-Slots are definitely a top requirement for your characters.

3. Costumes

Costumes in Elseworld will run out. Being without a costume in elsword you will be a lot more vulnerable against enemies. Not to mention that you look like a beggar without a proper costume on. Costumes are expensive and they can go around $20-$25 per character. However, if you have followed this article you will now by now that having a Bank Sharing you will be able to use same costume on multiple characters.

4. Teaching Pet to Fetch

When your team want to move on but you hold them back becuase you want to pick up all the items. That’s when you will want to have your pet to fetch those items so that you may advance further and not let your teammates wait for you. It will happen a lot of times as you advance within the game. It’s better to be prepared than to be late others waiting for you. To achieve this you will want to get Fetch Aura. And of course first and foremost you will ne to get a Pet.

5. Ring of Fury

Ring of Fury is a pretty important item and not expensive at all considering its influence over your character. However, some of characters may not need this so much. Please do some more resarch on this. If you PVP-ing you will defnitely need this as it gives you an extra 20% awakening and will start every dungeaon with 3 beads and every match with half a bead.

6. Magic Necklace

This item will increase your MP Gain (both on attack and hit) with 30%. A permanent one will cost you 800 K-Ching. The Magic Necklace is one of the most important items to have in battles.

These are the top 6 items that you need to buy after you will get Free K-Ching. If you want to have a perfect start within the world of Elseworld you will need to buy at least these items for your account and characters.

Best Items to Buy in Elsword Youtube Tutorial

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