Who We Are?

Chance-Cheats.com is a website dedicated to the world of video games. There is a particular type of video games that this site is about. The website focuses on simulation games. Although the creators of the website are a team of coders, the content on the website will be diverse. We want to reach to as many people as possible. Our area of expertise is hacks and cheats for games. However, if we want to reach to as many people as possible we need to expand. With external help, Chance-Cheats.com will become a website with unique hacks and cheats and good game tutorials.

Why Hacks and Cheats?

Online video games can get very discriminatory if we think about the financial aspect. Most of online games have their own currency which makes the overall game more complex and engaging. For example, the currency in a video game has similar value as killing a boss in a single player game. It is just that now there is nothing to kill, there is no end to it. You can never have enough. You will always need more and it will always be required more. You need it as a means to play the game itself and for helping the developers of the game to support themselves and the actual video game. The currency in online video games can sometimes become very unnatural. What this means is that the in-game value of the currency is not justifiable in comparison with what is being exchanged for it within the world of the game. This is a problem and it usually happens by means of profit and by taking advantage. At least this is what we strongly believe.


With our experience in the field we took the decision a long time ago to make a difference. To much disagreement and greed has been practised for too long by the gaming corporations. There are games that worth to pay the amount of money for what they offer, but largely this is not applicable. By creating hacks and cheats for online games, we believe that a more balanced and reasonable virtual world is possible. Using our skills it is actually possible to deliver generators, hacks and cheats that will make things fair between the games, the corporations and their customers – us the players.

Chance-cheats.com is constantly updated with new hacks and tutorials. Feel free to visit and to use any of the hacks for your favorite simulation games. The hacks are daily tested for reliability and safety. For any queries regarding this blog and its content, please contact us using the link below. For any requests and/or other hacking/coding related suggestions use the same link.